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Show Descriptions:

January 21, 7PM "Parker Solar Probe Update" The Parker Solar Probe mission blazes along at space record speeds that would get it from Earth to the Moon in under an hour, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe completed its 10th close approach to the Sun on Nov. 21, coming within 5.3 million miles (8.5 million kilometers) of the solar surface. The spacecraft will transmit science data from the encounter – largely covering the properties and structure of the solar wind as well as the dust environment near the Sun.

January 22, 2PM "The Sun: Our Living Star" The Sun has shone on our world for four and a half billion years. The light that warms our skin today has been felt by every person who has ever lived. It is our nearest star and our planet’s powerhouse, the source of the energy that drives our winds, our weather, and all life. The passage of the Sun’s fiery disc across the sky — day by day, month by month — was the only way to keep track of time for countless past civilizations. Don’t be fooled by the terminology; although it is a typical dwarf star, the Sun consumes 600 million tons of hydrogen each second and is 500 times as massive as all the planets combined. Discover the secrets of our star in this planetarium show and experience never-before-seen images of the Sun’s violent surface in immersive full dome format. Our team has worked with some of the most talented planetarium producers to bring you this visually striking planetarium show about the most important star in our lives.

January 25, 7PM "Wyoming Skies" What’s up in the sky around Wyoming: stars, constellations, planets, meteor showers, and more.

January 28, 7PM "Apollo to Artemis: Humans to the Moon" See the history of lunar exploration and learn about the newest efforts to get humanity back to the moon. Artemis I is preparing for a launch date of February 12, 2022 to launch the Orion capsule, without a crew, on a 25 day journey to the Moon and back.

January 29, 2PM "Dawn of the Space Age" From the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik, to the magnificent lunar landings and privately operated space flights. Be immersed and overwhelmed with this most accurate historic reconstruction of Man’s first steps into space. Who were these Men and Women that took part in these death defying endeavors? Witness their drive, their passion, and their perseverance to explore, in Dawn of the Space Age."

LHS 2021-22 Bell Schedule


Please take note that times have changed on Block Days

This year LHS will resume the modified block schedule

Monday, Thursday, Friday

Block Time

1                      8:00 – 8:50

2                      8:55 – 9:45

3                      9:50 – 10:40

4                     10:45 – 11:35

Lunch             11:35 – 12:20

5                      12:25 – 1:15

6                      1:20 – 2:10

7                      2:15 – 3:05

Tuesday (Odd Periods)

Wednesday (Even Periods)

Block Time

1 / 2                  8:00 – 9:30

3 / 4                  9:35 – 11:05

Lunch             11:05 – 11:50

5 / 6                11:55 – 1:25

7 /I & E*         1:30 – 3:00



Tenga en cuenta que los horarios han cambiado en Block Days Este año LHS reanudará el horario de bloque modificado

Lunes, Jueves, Viernes

tiempo de bloque

1                      8:00 – 8:50 2                      8:55 – 9:45 3                      9:50 – 10:40 4                     10:45 – 11:35 Almuerzo    11:35 – 12:20 5                      12:25 – 1:15 6                      1:20 – 2:10 7                      2:15 – 3:05

Martes (períodos impares) Miércoles (períodos pares)

tiempo de bloque

1 / 2                  8:00 – 9:30 3 / 4                  9:35 – 11:05 Almuerzo     11:05 – 11:50 5 / 6                11:55 – 1:25 7 /I y E*         1:30 – 3:00

ACSD #1 Mask Expectations as of January 3, 2022

COVID-19 Information


LARAMIE, Wyo. (December 9, 2021) – At the Dec. 8 ACSD#1 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting, the Board approved a revised Operations Plan that eliminates required masks, and instead strongly recommends masks and adds a rapid testing strategy. With Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) guidance, the rapid test can give an option to “test to stay” for close contacts of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The revised Operation Plan will start Monday, Jan. 3, when school resumes from Winter Break.

With the decreasing case numbers in the county and the availability of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 5-11, county health officer Dr. Jean Allais suggested that ACSD#1 can move to a standard of masks being strongly recommended.

The vaccine remains the leading public health prevention strategy, and ACSD#1 encourages everyone who is able to get vaccinated.

The revised Operations Plan adds the opportunity for rapid testing with Cue Tests for individuals who have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This test is a nasal swab, and returns results in about 20 minutes. School nurses are trained on administering the test. Schools will need to collect one-time consent forms from parents prior to conducting the test.

The Districts hopes the rapid test will lessen the impact of quarantine due to known exposures or close contacts. Final details of the testing strategy are being worked out, but the test will be optional. Once the Wyoming Department of Health provides guidance on the use of these tests, individuals can choose to test on site rather than quarantine at home, as has been the District’s policy this year.

Requirements for isolation of individuals infected with COVID-19 will remain the same, however, schools will no longer conduct contact tracing. Instead, students and staff will be notified if they’ve been in contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19. People will then be encouraged to quarantine and test if symptoms are present.

The District will continue to practice social distancing as much as possible, utilize increased ventilation, and promote hand washing in schools to help slow the spread of the virus.

The updated ACSD#1 Operations Plan includes options for Remote Learning for families who do not wish to send their children to school in person.

As the District moves to optional masking, this is a reminder that ACSD#1 will not tolerate bullying over any individual’s decision to either wear or not wear a mask.

Follow the Albany County School District on Facebook atfacebook.com/acsd1.org, on Twitter at the handle@ACSD1WY, or onYouTube to stay up to date on all the latest news in the district.


Hello LHS Community,

“At the September 1 Board of Trustees Special Meeting, the board voted to approve an extension to the interim mask requirement for one week through Friday, Sept. 10. The purpose of the one-week extension is to hear the full list of public comment from stakeholders who signed up for public comment on Sept. 1. This mask requirement extension will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 7, and will be for all students K-12.

The above was the first section of a communication from the Albany County School District #1 on Thursday (9/2/21) evening. You can read the message in its entirety on the ACSD1.org home page.

The LHS Admin team has had a relaxed approach as students transitioned back to wearing masks at school on Tuesday and Wednesday, but students will be expected to have and wear face coverings while in the building. ACSD #1 is currently reviewing pending and current mask exemptions moving forward. If you would like to discuss virtual opportunities please contact me, and I will get back to at my earliest opportunity.

Thank you all so much,

Jeff Lewis


Laramie High School

Quarantine Guidelines


LARAMIE, Wyo. (January 4, 2022) – As Albany County School District #1 (ACSD#1) moves to optional, but highly-recommended masking, the district offers an update on its quarantine guidelines as well as information on a new “Test to Stay” protocol.

The most important goal for all district guidelines is the health and safety of all its students and staff.

ACSD#1 will follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines when it comes to quarantines. Recently, the CDC recommended shortened quarantine periods for those who test positive, and ACSD#1 has updated its plans to follow this recommendation. As such, all 10-day quarantines are now five-day quarantines, with individuals then wearing masks at school for the first five days back from their quarantine.

Additionally, the district will utilize a new “Test to Stay” protocol for those individuals who are considered “close contacts” of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. This new protocol is meant to safely keep as many students and teachers in school as possible. Each school in the district is capable of administering a rapid test for individuals who opt in to this protocol. Students will need permission from parents or guardians to begin this protocol.

Under new CDC and Wyoming Department of Health guidelines, the following individuals do not need to quarantine or follow the “Test to Stay” protocol following a close contact to an individual who is infectious with COVID-19:

  • Individuals who are at least 16 years of age who have completed a primary series of Pfizer or Moderna within the previous six months or a primary series of Janssen within the prior two months.
  • Individuals younger than 16 years of age who have received a primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 in a situation where both the person exposed and the infectious person are wearing masks appropriately.
  • Individuals who have tested positive on a molecular or antigen test for COVID-19 within the previous 90 days.

If the close contact individual does not fall into those categories, that individual can opt in to a “Test to Stay” protocol. With this protocol, asymptomatic individuals can remain in class as long as they adhere to the following protocol:

  • The close contact remains asymptomatic
  • Any close contact wears a mask in school at all times for 10 days after the exposure, other than when eating, drinking, sleeping, or participating in artistic or athletic activities that cannot be done while wearing a mask. When not wearing a mask, distancing of six feet should be maintained to the extent possible
  • The close contact tests negative on a rapid COVID-19 test (molecular or antigen) on each school day for five days after exposure. Testing is not necessary beginning on day six after exposure
  • If school events occur on weekends, the close contact should receive a negative test on that weekend day prior to participation in the event
  • On weekend days or holidays without school events, the close contact does not need to be tested. WDH recommends that the close contact stay home on these days if they fall within the first five days after the exposure.
  • If the close contact develops symptoms or tests positive, he or she should stay home from school and refrain from participating in extracurricular events

If a close contact develops symptoms and must stay home, that individual can return to school after five have passed since the onset of symptoms. The individual then needs to wear a mask at school for an additional five days.

These updated policies are fluid and can change as additional guidance is issued from the CDC as additional data are gathered.

Follow the Albany County School District on Facebook at facebook.com/acsd1.org, on Twitter at the handle @ACSD1WY, or on YouTube to stay up to date on all the latest news in the district.